Recruitmet Procedure

Demand from Employer (By E-mail or Fax)

After we receive the demand by E-mail or Fax from your Ministry of Labour, we require you to produce following documents after agreement is done regarding the terms and conditions. It Should be in favor of our company All Cornice Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd.
1. Demand Letter
2. Power of Attorney
3. Employment Contract
4. Guarantee Letter
5. Agreement between Employer and All Cornice Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd.
After receiving the documents, we will send them to Ministry of Labour, Nepal for the permission of recruitment.

Pre-Screening of Candidates

Upon receipt of the permission for recruitment form Ministry of Labor, we take out an advertisement in leading national daily newspaper calling for the potential candidates. The applicants are interviewed and pre-screened by the recruitment officers of All Cornice Pvt. Ltd. who also provide information regarding the requirement in the “Employment Opportunity Service Desk”. Only the Shortlisted candidates are called in for the final interview with the representative of the employer’s company or CVs of these candidates are sent for final evaluation to the employer’s company.

Final Interview (By Employer)

We apply below three interview techniques for the shortlisted Candidates.
A. Video Call: This technique is for those who are too busy to come to Nepal for interviewing the candidates selected in preliminary selection. We make every arrangement for the interview between employers and the employee through video call.

B. Final Interview: Many employers visit Nepal for final interview. We make all the necessary preparations for interview. We call shortlisted candidates for the particular day. We have fully equipped AC rooms and other modern facilities- Computers, Telephones, Internet and all that an interviewer might need.

C. On Behalf of the Employer: Sometimes, manpower importing agencies give full authority to us for entire selection procedures. In such case, we carry out interviews on behalf of the employers abroad and make all dispatching arrangements to the employment destination.

Trade Test for Skilled Workers

We form a selection committee before making a final decision for appointment. The selection committee includes representatives from different departments of the company and from our technical training institute. The Selection committee carries out skill tests of all skilled manpower in the concerned discipline. Only those persons recommended by the selection committee are selected for overseas employment.

CV Forwarded to Employer's Company

CV's of potential candidates shortlisted by our staff are sent to the employer's company. The CV's of the candidates comprises of all the necessary documents that will help employers to select the right candidate for them.

Medical Check Up

Candidates have to go through different processes after final selection. This is aimed at selecting competent, disciplined and healthy manpower desired by an employer. medical check-up too is one important process. We recommend all shortlisted candidates for medical examinations in the government approved hospitals. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign an agreement. We disqualify medically unfit candidates. We personally ask selected candidates to know whether anyone is suffering epileptic fit, which cannot be tested medically. If one is found suffering from the epileptic, we don't qualify such person.


Orientation for selected workers on local culture, social practices and social and religious taboos is essential in the employer's country. We have an inbuilt mechanism for orientation for workers before they are sent to working destinations. it is aimed to make the workers used to with the new culture of another country. They have to understand immigration and labor laws as well as rituals, social taboos, tradition and culture of particular country. We have designed courses for the orientation based on the countries and their cultures. We instruct our workers about the social practices forbidden by the laws of the land. Orientation is designed to avoid misunderstanding with the local people and for maintaining harmony between the migrant workers and the people of the particular country.

Employment Visa

The visa endorsement process differs from country to country, We dispatch all the documents related to the workers to the company to make a final selection. After that the employing company confirms and sends the visa confirmation, and then only we apply in the concerned embassy or electronic authorization officer visa endorsement in the passport. Other processes move ahead after the visa is endorsed by the embassy.

Travelling Arrangement for Deployment

The travel arrangement is the final process, After signing of the contract with the employee, we make travel arrangements. This includes handing over all the required documents to the employee prior to their departure.